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Just letting you guyz know that I have something to work on now. If you are reading this to yourself and thinking 'This post is useless'. The post is actually here so people don't give me more stuff to do. Not that I don't like your ideas, (There better than mine) its just I have something to work on..... now...... You know what, here is a drawing I did of captain falcon, just so you guys don't feel like you are looking at pointless stuff.


I'm.... doing.... stuff'n... stuff

lol we need a writer

2011-06-27 03:04:21 by ljhman

No one wanted to make a game with me so i'm making a animation with my friend but we need a writer

So if you are a writer you could totally help us by making a story. The story has to include these things

# It needs to be set in medieval times
# There needs to be a army of human sized potatos that attack people (best idea EVA)
# And finally there needs to be a potato slayer who uses a potato peeler instead of a sword (kinky ay)

Surprisingly that's all you need to include
oh you will defiantly be credited and if we win money somehow, its all yours (we just enjoy animating)

many thanks LJHMAN

(While I wait for some tasty responses I will pointlessly draw stuff) v

I forgot If you do want to make a story message me because last time I made a post it wouldn't let me see the comments for some odd reason?!?

lol we need a writer


2011-06-16 05:52:34 by ljhman

My holidays are coming up and I wana make a flash game you see but I got a few things holding me..... back...

You see I need a programmer that is better than me... I can program (AS2.0(coz i suk)) BUT I usually stuff it up somehow or end up deleting a bit of code and can't get it working again or it can't seem to find where I am in my structure design chart or I manage to lose a module chart etc...

So if you are a programmer and you have an idea for a game and you need a artist :3 pick me!

I have tried using the forum but some guy took down the post and directed me to some rules which stated that I wan't good enough to make a post :(

anyway I have been... kinda productive... not rely I'v just been making useless thing that look cool but are still useless like this 48f8e5d16b6422f7dbd87a20ba3a0f

Those were the animations I started on because I wanted to make a run and gun game but... I failed.

I have also made useless drawings shown below



2010-07-09 00:14:20 by ljhman

I had so much fun making Epic Bear Game and now im making another one with better graphics and more enemys.


new game

2010-05-10 21:46:03 by ljhman

I am making ljhman 3 a game!
I just finished the tutorial
below are some pics from the tutorial

new game


2010-04-10 04:31:55 by ljhman

WATCH IT! ew/532761